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Emmys & contract

Kirsten is going to present at the Emmys this year also! I can't wait to see what she wears!

She also re-signed with GH a few months ago, which is always wonderful news :)

Maxie & The Maxettes

This whole karoke night at Jake's has provided some much-needed fun and entertainment for the show. Kirsten/Maxie is looking absolutely fabulous in these episodes - the hair, the outfit, the makeup...love it! This is the first time we've really gotten the chance to hear Kirsten's singing voice and it's pretty good. It would have been 10x better had Robin been up there instead of Rebecca (that is her name, right? LOL I'm so out of the loop!), but how cute were Kirsten and Julie Berman?


"Wild Thing"

*clears throat* Hi. Still here. :)

This here is one of the last full-spread interviews done by Soap Opera Weekly. Kind of sad, really. I remember how almost each new interview meant a new photoshoot for the actors. Nowadays we are lucky if we even get photos that were taken at a photoshoot; stills have become the norm.

Soap Opera Weekly
September 4, 2007

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Maxie Jones

Autographed Photo

Has anyone ever received one of these? I was sent three of them. The first one came to me in December and I remember when I saw the words "Studio Fan Mail" on the envelope I thought it was something from the Jason Gerhardt Fan Club. LOL! I was like, "EEEEE! An autograph picture of Jason - I hope it's personalized!" Imagine my shock when I open it up and see that it's actually a photo of Kirsten with her [printed] autograph on it. I thought it was weird because I don't even remember requesting an autograph. Then again, I've written to her so many times (mostly campaign-related) throughout the years that I can't remember if or when I might have asked for an autograph. What's funny is that sometime in January I receieved two more of these in the mail. They came together and when I saw the familiar envelopes I was hoping to find new pictures inside of them, but no such luck. It was the exact same photo with the exact same autograph. So now I have three of these babies just lying around. For some reason I can't bring myself to just trash the two that I don't need.

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